About Us

The building at 200 north Beach Boulevard was built in 1903 to house the Sea Coast Echo Newspaper. In 1997, Ann Tidwell purchased the 111-year-old 200 North Beach Boulevard building, initially leasing it as a coffee shop and restaurant. After hurricane Katrina in 2005 Ann Tidwell and her family restored the structure, reclaiming original beaded boards and exposing massive wooden beams. Today, the Echo building is known to locals and remains one of the best examples of early 20th century architecture on the Mississippi gulf coast.

Now home to 200 North Beach Restaurant, this historic address features fresh seafood, savory steaks, and favorite local dishes served with a special flavor of the area. Owner Ann Tidwell will greet you seven days a week, sit down, and tell you her history. Miss Ann stated that she chooses to work seven-days-a-week in the restaurant business instead of relaxing in her retirement at her home because, “I knew if I didn’t do something with this great classic building, it wouldn’t be fair to the people of my new hometown.”

Miss Ann Tidwell and her staff strive to make your visit here an unforgettable part of your old town experience. By providing outstanding food in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, we hope you’ll find the charm of Bay Saint Louis in every visit.

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